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valentine’s day gift guide. 2017.

Here’s a list of my last minute valentine’s day gift guide!!

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but if I did… I wouldn’t mind receiving the following (wink wink):



You can never go wrong with Chanel! I love all the perfume from the Chanel Chance line. I have, tried and LOVE the EAU TENDRE, EAU FRAICHE and the original CHANCE. I have yet tried the new one in the line, EAU VIVE. Which I will probably be getting sometime in the near future…  (Here’s a tip: Wait for Sephora’s VIB sale to pick some Chanel perfume! Best. Deal. Ever.)



I love a pretty lip color! Who doesn’t?! Especially a red lip! I tend to keep my lipsticks in my Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug and it sits pretty along with my makeup. You can find any cute mug (or a mason jar!) from Target and put some lipsticks in there! (i.e lipstick in a mug)



I’ve been eyeing those champagne gummy bears from sugarfina! They look so adorable and my question is, ‘will I even eat them?!’


lush bath bombs.

I tried a bath bomb from lush for the first time and instantly became obsessed! Inexpensive at home spa. and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this! it’s a way to distress at the end of the day! (or after the MCAT!!)



or skip valentine’s day! & save some money for travelling.

The boy and I tend to skip this Hallmark holiday since we don’t need a day devoted to showing each other how we ‘feel’ about one another. We have all 365 days to! 🙂 Instead, we’ve been saving money for our next destination. (We’re thinking Iceland!! Have you been?)

hope your valentine’s day (and every day) is filled with love 🙂




all images obtained from Google. 

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Money saving tips.

In no particular order:


1. Cut the cable!

Seriously. Get a divorce with cable. Tell them it’s them and not you. That you have better ways to spend your time (i.e. read a book, spend time outside, learn a new recipe, learn a new language, study for MCAT, start a blog…etc). And if you do the math, it calculates to $80/month (Verizon Bundle)  x 12 months = $960+. That’s a ticket to travel and then some!


2. Eat out less.

Guilty. I used to eat out a lot and probably should eat out much less. BUT I like how convenient it is, how there’s not much thinking involved ever since I started working full time. After working for a couple of months and eating mostly hospital food, I was tired of how much unhealthy, expensive food I was putting in my mouth. (Why does hospitals have fast food chains?!) I became aware of what I was consuming and decided to bring my own lunches (hello meal prepping!).  Your bank account thanks you and you see your waist line getting smaller! Winning. (this section includes daily Starbucks!!)


3. Trendy clothes.

I wear scrubs M-F from 0800-1630. So there’s no reason for me to have closets full of clothes that’ll probably sit there for years. I used to buy clothes that were trending that said season and usually wear it 1.5 times before putting it in the corner — (the .5 is usually when I try it on and decides not to wear it.) I have learned to invest in staple items that I gravitate to more frequently and know it’ll last me for a long time. I can do a blog post on that if you’d like…


4. Don’t buy clutter!

This is a blanket statement. Just think about the purchases from Target dollar section, post holiday sale items (wrapping paper, holiday decor..etc), crafty items you bought where you haven’t used, candles you know you’re not going to burn and the list goes on.  My [new] motto is that ‘If I don’t use it within a week, I better return it!’ or else it sits collecting dust along with other things. This all adds up.

These are just a few things I have been and still am working on. I’d love to hear any tips you all may have!



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Valentino Rockstuds for [a little] less!

Who doesn’t like to save some money on a pair of shoes? nice shoes. I’m talking about a pair of those Valentino Rockstuds you may have (or may not have) been eyeing for awhile but have not taken the plunge. 

I recently made a dent in my bank account and splurged on a pair of Noir Valentino Rockstuds (!). Luckily, I was able to save (approximately) $300*+ via (*savings is the difference of what the MSRP cost of shoes in the USA). Harrods is a luxury department store located in London. Since our generation basically lives on the internet, we can shop at Harrods without the airfare to London. Similar to Nordstrom and Barney’s, you’re able to shop for similar brands for a little less. And if you sign up for the Harrods Reward program, you’ll get the occasional 10% coupon which applies to a number of brands (Valentino is excluded, bummer!).


Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 6.30.00 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 8.42.23 PM.png is another luxury department store that offers luxury goods are a lower price as well but I prefer Harrods. Harrods’ website is easier to navigate and savings at times are more than Selfridges.

So shop around and snag an item or two (or three!).



*images via Nordstrom and Harrods. Prices as of 11/2016.

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