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stress eating.

I have a tendency to snack while studying (or during stressful events) and for the longest time, I was binge eating on unhealthy snacks (potato chips, candy bars, fries, cookies, more fries..etc). I would feel awful at the end of the evening and somehow I ended up eating the same things the following day.

For the past couple of months, I have been slightly better at munching on healthier snacks. I usually buy more from the produce section (especially when fruits are on SALE! the cantaloupes here were only $1.28! what a steal!) Here’s a peek of what I bought this week:


BOOM CHICKA POP (amazing!!!! — I usually eat more than the recommended serving!)



Asian pears (one of my favorites)

Nature Valley bars (Oats n’ honey, sweet & salty nut)

vita coco (I’m testing to see if coconut water DOES really help my skin)

sanpellegrino & perrier (to help supplement my soda cravings)

Lindt dark chocolate (it’s one of the better chocolates!)

For the fruits, I like to pre-cut the night before and pop it in the fridge. That way you would not have to worry the morning of and just grab and go!

Since I have switched to eating healthier snacks (I still sneak in a couple junk food here and there! hehe), I noticed my mood is slightly better, I lost some lbs and have more energy to study after work.

I would love any suggestion snack suggestion!



FYI: My opinions are my own and results may not be the same for everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!

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note abbreviations.


I like to write notes rather than typing them! Do you? There’s something about pen and paper 🙂 (More reasons to buy stationary!! hehe.) I have come up with a list of abbreviations/shorthands that I often use while writing my MCAT notes!! It might not be new for some but I thought I share some of my commonly used abbreviations!


  1. to change/changingScreen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.17.47 PM.png
  2. doesn’t have, none, no
  3. with
  4. amino acid
  5. negative
  6. positive
  7. water
  8. reaction
  9. because
  10. phosphate group
  11. increase
  12. decrease




Do you have any abbreviations/shorthand of your own? I’d love to know!!




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mini emergency kit.



I like to carry an emergency bag with me around for those just in case mini ‘personal’ emergencies! (or if a co-worker or stranger needs anything!) I’ve had many personal emergencies in the past and a number of people have helped me! Why not pay it forward?

I bought this cute medical bag a couple years ago from Etsy and I still adore it! (I don’t remember the exact store I bought this item from but here’s a similar one!) yay, for supporting small businesses.

Here are a few things in my emergency kit:

  1. bandaids – because all emergency kits need to have band-aids. And besides, I have had my fair share of paper cuts! (those MCAT books, hehe)
  2. hair ties and bobby pins – I have long hair that always gets in my way. Most of my co-workers are males where they carry rubber bands with them — which I prefer not to use.
  3. deodorant- I have run out of the house many times without putting on deodorant and luckily, I have a small one I carry around with me! I don’t want to have BO around my patients!!
  4. Ibuprofen- for headaches, abdominal cramps … etc. These are a lifesaver for those random, out of the blue pains! We do have a gift shop that carries OTC medications but why must they charge so much?!
  5. chapstick- I seriously carry at least THREE chap sticks with me everywhere and at least one stays in the bag in case I forget the others!! I am trying a new lip balm a follower suggested on Instagram! (thanks for the suggestion!!)
  6. energy beans/snack – a little pick me up during those hungry times/low energy. These energy beans are soooo good (I prefer the orange flavored ones). I don’t know if they give me the extra energy but I’ll take it!!
  7. tampons- who knows when mother nature decides to drop in and say hello!
  8. perfume – I like to dab a little perfume around my neck. It makes me feel nicer! and a little fancy 🙂
  9. hand sanitizer – I rather wash my hands when I can but carry hand sanitizer with me just in case I don’t have a sink/soap nearby!

What’s in your emergency kit?



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study schedule.

I have a full-time job where I work 0700-1530 M-F. Luckily, sometimes my work allows me to study in between patients! Here’s a glimpse a nontraditional premed’s ‘day in my life’ timeline (on a good day):

0525: First alarm. Time to wake up! Kind of.

0535: Second alarm. The real wake up (the 10 extra minutes really does make a difference!)! Who doesn’t mind sleeping in for a little bit more?!

0615: Hopefully, I’m out the door and heading to the city. The commute from my house to work is about 15-20 minutes on a good day but with traffic, it can take up to 45 minutes to an hour!!

0645: Picking up the boyfriend at his apt so he’s not late for class!! hehe. My boyfriend is a first year in medical school and has classes one building away from where I work. So convenient for now! (I hope I end up at the same medical school but will go anywhere that takes me!!)

0700-1530: Work (I do squeeze some studying in between patients depending on the day — sometimes I can study for a couple hours during work and other times, half an hour! It’s all about time management!!). I either read a short chapter, review my notes or do flashcards in between patients instead of just browsing the internet or talking to coworkers!

1530-1630: I like to give myself a break and give my a little bit of me time! Don’t forget to take a break! Since I work at a teaching hospital and is surrounded by study rooms, I usually head to the study spaces after work.

1630-2100: study time (along with mini 5-minute breaks including dinner!). As of right now, I either review my notes, do questions, take a timed section, etc. etc.

2100: Home-bound, relax and sleep!

April 28th, I’ll be ready for you!!



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What motivates you?

I think I am going to do a blog post every Monday until my MCAT about motivation. It’ll be a friendly reminder to myself of why I am doing the things I’m doing. Maybe my motivation will encourage others? I hope so!

What motivates me?


My family. I wish there were words to explain how much my family motivates me to study hard and do well on the MCAT, but there isn’t. I am so thankful to have such an amazing support system who motivates me daily! They are my best friends. My family not only encourages me to go down the path of being unselfish and helping others but also motivates me to become a better person.

Sending everyone good vibes this Monday morning!!



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Gap year.


What are you doing for your gap year? (just in case you don’t know…gap year is when a student takes a break in between undergraduate and professional school.)

People usually take a gap year (or years) to take a break from school, travel the world, study for the MCAT, apply to professional school, work to make some moolah…etc.

I have had a couple of different medical positions that I’d thought I share:


Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 9.39.16 AM.png

I started scribing during my fourth year of college and a bit after. A scribe basically ‘shadows’ a physician during a patient’s visit (emergency room or clinic visit) and documents the patient’s history of present illness, review of system, procedure notes, patient exam and progress notes into the electronic medical record. This position gives you an actual representation of what the physician’s day of work looks like. As a scribe, you have no patient contact! There are scribe volunteer positions as well as paid positions.

(picture: patient leaves a note before being seen by a physician!)


Rescue squad


During my second year of college, I was adamant about getting my emergency medical technician-basic (EMT-B) certification which qualified me to get onto a rescue squad. As an EMT-B, you can either lead calls for basic calls (talking to the patient/figuring out the plan of action best for the patient) or assist paramedics during advanced calls by taking vitals and documenting. I was on the rescue squad for a couple of years, committing to volunteering weekly, until school and having a full-time job didn’t allow me to have extra time to volunteer. I hope to return to a rescue squad one day! I loved every minute with my EMS family. You learn a lot from each call and from your EMS family (esp those with years of experience!).

Cartiographic tech

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 9.07.56 AM.png

I am currently a cartiographic tech and love it (can you tell I love all the positions I have had?! hehe). As a cartiographic tech, I set up patients for their stress test (putting on leads, connecting patients to the monitor, read baseline EKGs, take blood pressures..etc.) I love how each patient comes in with a different story on why they’re at the heart station for a stress test. I have met so many kind patients (there are difficult ones too 🙂 ) and so glad to be a part of their journey to better health. I wish them all the best!

I know my list only contains medical related positions, but one thing I wish I’ve learned earlier was to have a non-medical position. We have the rest of our lives taking care of patients, so why not do something out of the medical field before starting school?

Random note: I have always wanted to live abroad for a bit and hope that when I get an *acceptance* to medical school, I would spend a month (or two!) living abroad (I’m thinking Spain, Ecuador, Italy, Vietnam or Thailand?) and learn a new language! Life goals.

If you have any questions, just ask me!



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Medical School

MCAT, take two.

April 28th, 2017. 8 am. MCAT, take two! Who is with me?

Let’s do this.

This will be my second time taking the test and hopefully the last!! How are you studying for the MCAT? Self-study? Group study? Classes? etc. And what keeps you motivated after studying content/doing practice problems for hours on end?

Whether you take your test on the same day as I do or even in 2018! I hope we all can encourage each other to study and do well on the MCAT!

A message from Ryan Gosling….




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