Happy Friday y’all!

September came and went! October, welcome! Please stay a while 🙂

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? or just kicking it back and relaxing? Whatever it is, I hope you’re having fun, spending it with people you love and making you happy!!

I’d like share with you some of my favorite things I have stumbled/re-stumbled upon this week….

I have extremely dry skin and since winter is approaching, I have to be on top of moisturizing my skin. I have been digging the Buffy body butter from LUSH. It’s tad bit pricey (boo.) which I highly recommend requesting a sample to see if it works for you!

Gotta Share this!

Perfect day and night top.  I have the black but want one in every. single. color. Anyone else like that?

What’s your sign? (perfect birthday/teacher/nurse/bridesmaid/just because gift!)

Such a cute couple. #relationshipgoals

I can eat these for days…yum.

Positive note of the week: I recently tried out to become a spinning instructor! Unfortunately, I did not make it the second round but that didn’t really bum me out. 🙂  I had so much fun during the try-out (meeting new people, getting a workout and leading a workout I made up in front of a group of people!)! I went out of my comfort zone & tried something new.

What I decided to de-cluttered: lipblam. I have way too many to count. Way more than one person needs (I think I might’ve had enough to cover me for years)! I decided to give the ones I haven’t opened to family or donate them. Seriously, they add up!

Enjoy your weekend!!




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Hello stranger!

How are you? Happy Autumn/Fall! Are you ready for everything pumpkin spice, sweater weather and brunswick stew? I know I’m not! Okay, maybe a little. Trying to soak up the warm weather before it’s gone! eek.

I have been really awful at writing for this blog! Smh. Maybe, I’ll be better this time! hehe. 

Life update: This summer flew by oh so quick! 😦 In short — I had the opportunity go to see Cuba with my better half for a couple days, spent an amazing week with my family in Florida (i love family time!!) and got a new job! It was bittersweet to leave my old job, but it was time I try something new! I’ll blog about that another day, if you like! 

Medical School update: First time applying here! I submitted my application towards the end of August and have received secondaries. Wish me luck! I’ll update you from time to time about medical school. 

Something positive: I’m going to try to jot down something positive I have done or noticed during my week! Something to remember when I re-read my blog posts! 

What I’ve decluttered: I am attempting to live this minimalistic lifestyle I have made up in my head. I want to be able to live with less and experience more. Each week, I will attempt to remove unnecessary things in my life and prevent myself from re-cluttering! I’d like any tips you may have!

Thanks for stopping by,