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Review: Badger Balm stress soother


Badger Balm stress soother (To calm and soothe the mind)

First and foremost, I am a sucker for packaging. Anything that is cute and simple has my name written all over it and I’m running to the cashier to demand them to take my money! “Take my money, cashier!” (Maybe not that aggressive, but you get what I mean…)

So, I stumbled upon the Badger Balm stress soother at Cracker Barrel (I sure do like them butter biscuits!) as I was wandering around the store waiting for my table to be called. I am after all studying for the MCAT which is synonymous with stress, I obviously needed this balm. (needs and wants, is there a difference?)

I have been applying the balm to my temples, forehead, philtrum,neck  and wrists for about a month or two now. I don’t know what the maximum application is, but I apply excessively. The scent; tangerine and rosemary. I like to describe the scent as ‘organic’ — sometimes I don’t even know what I am actually describing when I say organic! If you don’t like tangerines (or rosemary!), this isn’t for you!

Whether or not the product actually calms my mind is still in question. My stress remains a 10/10 before and after the application of the product. Other people have been swearing by the brand, so maybe I bought a defective one? Maybe not. Or maybe I’m applying it on wrong? Until I run out, I’ll keep using the product in hope that it’ll ease my mind (and because I love the scent). However, I don’t think I will be buying a second Badger Balm stress soother (Sorry Badger Balm, if you’re reading this!). Maybe I’ll try out another product from the brand!

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