Gift guide for soon-to-be residents and medical students!

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Match day is right around the corner, and so is commencement!! Congrats class of 2017!!

Here are a few things I’ve gathered from the internet that I recommend giving to soon-to-be residents and incoming medical students:



What is a physician or medical student without a stethoscope? Stethoscope-less. #badjoke. Besides wanting a white coat, I think a good, quality stethoscope is the second item physicians-to-be dream about! Am I right or am I right? You can either go with a Littmann¬†~ $180 — bought one for my boyfriend for med school and he has not used it because he’s afraid of losing it! ūüėź –, a StethoHope¬†~ $80 (the company donates a stethoscope each time a purchase is made to practitioners¬†with limited resources! isn’t that amazing?! StethoHope, you are awesome!) or an EKO stethoscope¬†for all you tech savvy people out there ~$300. I use Littmann at work and I can vouch for their quality! From the reviews of StethoHope and EKO on Instagram, I have heard nothing but positive reviews!!

Discount for StethoHope: use #Hope2017 for $10 off your purchase. 


Surgical caps

For anyone you know that is going into surgery that needs a cute cap to cover their hair during surgery! You can help them start their surgical cap collection by getting their first one! (Monogram with their initials¬†to make it extra, extra special:) I have this one that I love (boyfriend bought for me!! and trust me, it’s monogrammed!), and this store has awesome designs!



We all know physicians¬†and students have to carry their badges around with them everywhere!! Why not add a cute reel (or pin) to spice up their badge! Especially if they are going into a specialty. Conversation starter for all those single males and females physicians and physicians-to-be? (‘Hey, nice band-aid!’ ‘why thank you, it’s for fixing broken hearts!’) Love this, THIS, and this one too ūüôā This is such an inexpensive gift and the recipient¬†will most likely love it!



This gift is questionable since most hospitals provide scrubs for their employees but for medical students, it’s a great gift (esp during anatomy class!). Scrubs can get expensive so gifting one will help medical students be in less debt! Everything counts! I like how soft FIGS scrub look, IguanaMed has really cute ones and Maevn uniforms are giving out free scrubs this month (check them out on Instagram)! There are other brands you can check out on¬†allheart¬†!!

Discounts: (FIGS) 15% off FIGS when you sign up on their mailing list! (Allheart) Free shipping with allheart!



I really enjoy wearing a watch. Not only do you look professional with your scrubs (or white coat!), you look stylish with a classic watch! That way when patients ask you for the time, you don’t have to pull out your phone! One of my 2017 resolution: Look at my phone less! I love, LOVE my Daniel Wellington watch! I have had it for a couple of years and still can’t get enough of it ūüôā I can do a review on it later if you’re interested!


crossbody bag

A good ‘throw-everything-in’ bag is necessary for residents and medical students when they’re on the run! I recommend a timbuk2 crossbody bag! They are built to last. I have had one for about 5 years and it’s still going strong. I use it for everything and plan on using it for medical school (hopefully, soon!). A more feminine bag for females would be a Longchamp¬†le pilage! I currently use the Longchamp (mine’s a large) as my work bag! So easy to clean! Confession: I have at least 3 Longchamps! Hehe.

Discount: 10% off timbuk2 bags when you sign up for their emails!


water bottle

Many times, we forget to hydrate ourselves (let alone EAT!) when we are super busy! I recommend carrying a small water bottle around with you as a friendly reminder to hydrate! And who wouldn’t want to show off their cute bottle!

These are just a couple cute ideas I feel the recipients would love and use! I know I would. (I hope my boyfriend uses his stethoscope soon, though!)



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Medical School

study schedule.

I have a full-time job where I work 0700-1530 M-F. Luckily, sometimes my work allows me to study in between patients! Here’s a glimpse a nontraditional premed’s ‘day in my life’ timeline (on a good day):

0525: First alarm. Time to wake up! Kind of.

0535: Second alarm. The real wake up (the 10 extra minutes really does make a difference!)! Who doesn’t mind sleeping in for a little bit more?!

0615: Hopefully, I’m out the door and heading to the city. The commute from my house to work is about 15-20 minutes on a good day but with traffic, it can take up to 45 minutes to an hour!!

0645: Picking up the boyfriend at his apt so he’s not late for class!! hehe. My boyfriend is a first year in medical school and has classes one building away from where I work. So convenient¬†for now! (I hope I end up at the same medical school but will go anywhere that takes me!!)

0700-1530: Work (I do squeeze some studying in between patients depending on the day — sometimes I can study for a couple hours during work and other times, half an hour! It’s all about time management!!). I either read a short chapter, review my notes or do flashcards in between patients instead of just browsing the internet or talking to coworkers!

1530-1630: I like to give myself a break and give my a little bit of me time! Don’t forget to take a break! Since I work at a teaching hospital and is surrounded by study rooms, I usually head to the study spaces after work.

1630-2100: study time (along with mini 5-minute breaks including dinner!). As of right now, I either review my notes, do questions, take a timed section, etc. etc.

2100: Home-bound, relax and sleep!

April 28th, I’ll be ready for you!!



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valentine’s day gift guide. 2017.

Here’s a list of my last minute valentine’s day gift guide!!

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but if I did… I wouldn’t mind receiving the following (wink wink):



You can never go wrong with Chanel! I love all the perfume from the Chanel Chance line. I have, tried and LOVE the EAU TENDRE, EAU¬†FRAICHE¬†and the original CHANCE. I have yet tried the new one in the line, EAU VIVE. Which I will probably be getting sometime in the near future… ¬†(Here’s a tip: Wait for Sephora’s VIB sale to pick some Chanel perfume! Best. Deal. Ever.)



I love a pretty lip color! Who doesn’t?! Especially a red lip! I tend to¬†keep my lipsticks in my¬†Reiko Kaneko Lip Tease Mug¬†and it sits pretty¬†along with my makeup. You can find any cute mug (or a mason jar!) from Target and put some lipsticks¬†in there! (i.e lipstick in a mug)



I’ve been eyeing those champagne¬†gummy bears from¬†sugarfina!¬†They look so adorable and my question is, ‘will I even eat them?!’


lush bath bombs.

I tried a bath bomb from lush for the first time and instantly became obsessed! Inexpensive at home spa. and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this! it’s a way to distress at the end of the day! (or after the MCAT!!)



or skip valentine’s day! & save some money for travelling.

The boy and I tend to skip this Hallmark holiday since we don’t need a day devoted to showing each other how we ‘feel’ about one another. We have all 365 days to! ūüôā Instead, we’ve been saving money for our next destination. (We’re thinking Iceland!! Have you been?)

hope your valentine’s day (and every day) is filled with love ūüôā




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Dear me…



Over the weekend, I had an urge to write a letter. A letter to my future self. I wanted to remind myself of what my goals were at this moment in time and the type of person I am trying to become. It is still in the works and taking some time (like all good things should). I hope to have it done and read it in about 10 years. Maybe pass it on to my kids one day if I choose to have any.

Have you written yourself a letter?





#MotivationMcatMonday 2

Happy Tuesday!!

I have been swamped with work and studying that I have not been posting regularly. Trying to get into the swing of blogging! Forgive me, for I am new. ūüôā

For this week’s motivation, I’m going to dedicate it to myself. Selfish, I know. But you know what, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. Put yourself first, once in awhile. (Buy the shoes! Get that mani! Eat that candy bar! Treat yourself! etc etc)

I am studying the MCAT for myself (even though MCAT studying isn’t always fun! Who’s with me?!). For my path and for my future. I am doing this for me. Short and simple. #me




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Review: Badger Balm stress soother


Badger Balm stress soother (To calm and soothe the mind)

First and foremost, I am a sucker for packaging. Anything that is cute and simple has my name written all over it and I’m running to the cashier to demand them to take my money! “Take my money, cashier!” (Maybe not that aggressive, but you get what I mean…)

So, I stumbled upon the Badger Balm stress soother at Cracker Barrel (I sure do like them butter biscuits!) as I was wandering around the store waiting for my table to be called. I am after all studying for the MCAT which is synonymous with stress, I obviously needed this balm. (needs and wants, is there a difference?)

I have been applying the balm to my temples, forehead, philtrum,neck ¬†and wrists for about a month or two now. I don’t know what the maximum application is, but I apply excessively. The scent; tangerine and rosemary. I like to describe the scent as ‘organic’ — sometimes I don’t even know¬†what I am actually describing when I say organic! If you don’t like tangerines (or rosemary!), this isn’t for you!

Whether or not the product actually calms my mind is still in question. My stress remains a 10/10 before and after the application of the product. Other people have been swearing by the brand, so maybe I bought a defective one? Maybe not. Or maybe I’m applying it on wrong? Until I run out, I’ll keep using the product in hope that it’ll ease my mind (and because I¬†love the scent). However, I don’t think I will be buying a second Badger Balm stress soother (Sorry Badger Balm, if you’re reading this!). Maybe I’ll try out another product from the brand!

Let me know if you have any questions!



All my opinions are my own. 





Medical School


What motivates you?

I think I am going to do a blog post every Monday until my MCAT about motivation. It’ll be a friendly reminder to myself of why I am doing the things I’m doing. Maybe my motivation will encourage others? I hope so!

What motivates me?


My family. I wish there were words to explain how much my family motivates me to study hard and do well on the MCAT, but there isn’t. I am so thankful to have such an amazing support system who motivates me daily! They are my best friends. My family not only encourages me to go down the path of being unselfish and helping others but also motivates me to become a better person.

Sending everyone good vibes this Monday morning!!



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