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2018 goals.

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Happy new year!!

There’s something about a start of a new year that motivates you to be positive about the year ahead. Start of a new chapter?

I’d like to share a few goals I have in mind and  hope to have some ticked off by the end of the year, if possible!

In no particular order!

#1 Downsize!

This will be the year I will downsize and only buy things that I need, not things ‘I plan to use in the future,’ Anybody else do that? I have way tooo many things and those things causes me stress since I am also looking for reasons to use them (i.e. clothes, kitchen clutter, bags..etc). Less stuff = stress free.


I probably read about four books last year and I’m going to try to double that number to eight! I dare myself!! Challenge accepted.

#3 Self love 🙂

I tend to put everyone first before I put myself. But it’s okay to be selfish sometime! That’s what I am going to do from time to time this year! It’s okay to say no, and just have dinner by yourself. It’s okay to be a homebody and pamper yourself!

#4 Get into medical school

I am still waiting to hear from medical school. It’s nerve wrecking. But I know nothing always goes as plan. It is OKAY if I don’t get into school this round. There’s always next application cycle. More on this on the next blog.

#5 Travel more

Have you seen how massive this world is?! I’d love to travel more, if possible. Even if it’s to places I have never been in my own hometown.

#6 Learn a new language

I’ve been toying with this idea for the longest time. This will be the year where I can speak and read Spanish a little more than last year. A little each day goes a long way. (I use Duolingo!)

#7 Do something I’m scared of!

Public speaking. I get nervous about having everyone’s eyes on me and then my voice cracks. I want to work on public speaking this year and do a speaking event. It makes me nervous to think about that!

#8 Spend more time with my love ones

I get so wrapped up in my work and looking into the future that time flies oh-so-quick! Most important thing in life is to spend as much time as you can with your love ones because they matter most!

extra goal: Blogging on a schedule. I have been so random at blogging that it doesn’t make any sense! Life has been so busy and I need to work on a thing called time management!

May this be your best year yet!



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stress eating.

I have a tendency to snack while studying (or during stressful events) and for the longest time, I was binge eating on unhealthy snacks (potato chips, candy bars, fries, cookies, more fries..etc). I would feel awful at the end of the evening and somehow I ended up eating the same things the following day.

For the past couple of months, I have been slightly better at munching on healthier snacks. I usually buy more from the produce section (especially when fruits are on SALE! the cantaloupes here were only $1.28! what a steal!) Here’s a peek of what I bought this week:


BOOM CHICKA POP (amazing!!!! — I usually eat more than the recommended serving!)



Asian pears (one of my favorites)

Nature Valley bars (Oats n’ honey, sweet & salty nut)

vita coco (I’m testing to see if coconut water DOES really help my skin)

sanpellegrino & perrier (to help supplement my soda cravings)

Lindt dark chocolate (it’s one of the better chocolates!)

For the fruits, I like to pre-cut the night before and pop it in the fridge. That way you would not have to worry the morning of and just grab and go!

Since I have switched to eating healthier snacks (I still sneak in a couple junk food here and there! hehe), I noticed my mood is slightly better, I lost some lbs and have more energy to study after work.

I would love any suggestion snack suggestion!



FYI: My opinions are my own and results may not be the same for everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!